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Correspondence Critique 2019/2020

This correspondence course is designed for beginning or intermediate calligraphers who would like feedback based on their current progress.

Mail me your practice sheets, drills, letters detailing what you want to achieve, any problems you encounter, tools you're using or anything else that concerns you to my Nevada PO box. All work must be original, no photocopies please. You will receive everything back. Please mark 'CORRESPONDENCE CRITIQUE' clearly on the back of your packet.

On a piece of overlay paper over your work,  I will reply with my comments, notes for improvement, corrections, critiques, etc. A separate reply letter, exemplars and suggestions for improvement will be included.

Some students keep this ongoing, some mail a packet only when they need help, some supplement with Skype sessions. Continuity is completely up to you.

Each reply packet costs US$80, shipping is included.
If you are outside of the United States, please include an additional $5 for shipping. Please include a check with your packet, or contact me for other forms of payment.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will supply the address.

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